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For “Your Story Is Mine,” Cole enlisted Xavier Keyz for guest vocal duties and Barry Coffing for production. The track has a nostalgic feel to it, invoking chains of 70’s Soul. The production is slick and the final mix is mostly flawless. The string and horn arrangements are particularly impressive, thanks to Charles Calello of Neil Diamond fame. “Your Story Is Mine” is framed as a love song, but there is potential for more existential symbolism. Cole is somewhat vague, lyrically, opting for something more open to interpretation.

King Cole’s newest single, “Your Story Is Mine,” can allude to several interpretations, but most will presume the one of overarching empathy. One seems justified in assuming that King Cole intended no ambiguity when it came to the title. Amazingly, Cole may have succeeded in summarizing his entire career to this point, with one song.

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“Your Story Is Mine” is a celebration of how two become one, and the eternal and unconditional bond that can exist, when allowed to. The title, alone, is enough to grant instant credibility to “Your Story Is Mine,” but it’s also Cole’s treasure chest of experience and still thermal talent that makes this song a winner. Adding Xavier Keyz to the mix as guest vocalist, is indicative of Cole’s acumen, as he knows it’s important to season any show business dish with at least a pinch of youth.

“Your Story Is Mine,” aside from being one of the best song titles in recent history, has a resonance of redemption to it. The Marvin Gaye influence is transparent, but it’s Cole’s words and delivery that you truly feel. The track features guest Vocalist, Xavier Keyz, and there’s enough soul on this one to make Brandon Flowers, blush. The track unfolds as though Cole were relaying his life story to his grandchildren, complete with flashbacks and cutaways. It’s emotionally nourishing, and at times, inexplicably gripping.

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King Cole might just be the most legendary figure in music history, that you have never heard of. His story seems as if it were penned by the most creative Hollywood screenwriter, but as we have learned, again and again, truth is stranger than fiction. It’s mind-bending to try and decide just where to begin with Andrew “King” Cole. It’s unclear, precisely when Cole began creating and performing music, but his story dates all the way back to the 1960s. After a horrendous tragedy that saw his Mother being slain by his own Father, Cole and his siblings were relocated to live with an Aunt in NYC, from his native Washington D.C.

Andrew “King” Cole has skirted the edges of worldwide fame during this songwriting career but massive success has eluded him thus far. It is often the lot of behind the scenes creators. Cole isn’t a singer himself despite understanding the vocal art better than many performers do, J. Buck is the frontman for this single “The Mean Season”, and thus doesn’t get the chance to enjoy the spotlight in the customary way. The track, nonetheless, has a real chance to expose Cole’s name and talents in a larger way than he’s experienced before. It’s the first offering from a full-length release that introduces newcomers to the man in complete and memorable fashion.

Great songs need five-star vocalists to properly shine. J. Buck’s soulful bray is the most powerful thing in Andrew “King” Cole’s new single “The Mean Season”, but it isn’t the only distinguishing element of this modern pop jewel. Buck, nevertheless, inhabits each minute of this recording with a freeing joy in his voice as it navigates through the verses and refrain. He brings the song’s lyrics to life as if he penned them himself and his obvious chemistry working with Cole, renowned songwriter Barry Coffing, and talented arranger Charles Calello. Each single from Cole’s new release is accompanied by artwork courtesy of Barry Gross and the imagery coupled with this particular single, a worked entitled “The Screamer”, nicely embodies the song’s emotion. The thought Cole and his creative partners put into this release is clear.

“Florida’s history for producing quality songwriters isn’t perhaps as extensive as the Midwestern states boast but nonetheless deserves praise for incubating musical artists such as Tom Petty, Jim Morrison, Dickey Betts, and Mandy Moore, among many others. King Cole deserves inclusion on that list and his new single “The Mean Season” and his songwriting ambitions are further expanded by collaborating with experienced industry talents Barry Coffing, a hit and Emmy nominated songwriter, alongside vaunted arranger Charles Calello.”

“Anyone who loves lively bass playing will adore King Cole’s “The Mean Season”. It is the title track of Cole’s new collection and pops with energetic zeal throughout the course of this cut. The Florida based songwriter and musician has experienced a varied musical career, never on the lips of the public at large, but this may prove the caliber of project needed to carry his name higher than ever before. Cole’s collaboration with singer J. Buck is the critical factor working in the single’s favor – Buck is a true transformative talent who blends superior technical skills with palpable personality coming across in every line.”

“The vibrant sound of King Cole’s “The Mean Season” grabs me from the first and doesn’t let go. Having a sparkling vocalist such as J. Buck helps the song’s cause a great deal, but Cole’s long songwriting experience plays an important role. Cole knows how to construct a pop song that paces each crescendo, spotlights melodic strengths, and orchestrates dynamics for maximum effect.”

“You can’t fake soul. Try and practice as much as you want – embodying the spirit and energy of a melody as sweet as the one in King Cole’s “The Mean Season” can’t be rehearsed into existence, and it’s because of the very fact that J. Buck makes for the perfect collaborating partner in this all-new single.”

“King Cole and J. Buck have made quite the treasure for fans of funk, R&B, and hard soul in “The Mean Season,” and if you haven’t already listened to it as of this review, I think now would be a good time to check it out.”

“King Cole develops a track in “The Mean Season” that bursts out of the silence ready to drag us asunder with its sonic depth, and yet its tender harmonies never allow for it to become overwhelmingly physical.”

“This is a fiery piece of funk guaranteed to light up your holiday season, and while it’s only the first hit for King Cole, I doubt it’s going to be his last. ”
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King Cole and J. Buck are bringing the thunder to a hungry American underground this winter with “The Mean Season.”

King Cole Releases New Single ‘Mean Season’ Featuring Singer J. Buck