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“The Mean Season”

Written by: King Cole
Published by: King Cole Music BMI
Performed by: J. Buck
Produced by: Barry Coffing
String & Horns Arranged by: Charles Calello
Engineered by: Andy Bradley
Barry Coffing, Danny Jones, Daniel Lynn,
Phillip Peterson & Paul Kronk
Guitar: The Mighty Orq
Bass: Brennen Nace
Drums: Marvan Alexander
Drum and Synth Programming: Barry Coffing
Background Vocals: Joshua Buck, Tia Henderson, D’Angelo Davis
Horns: Francisco Dimas, James Hacker, John Kricker, Eduardo Calle, Michael Brignola
Strings: Phillip Peterson, Victoria Parker, Alex Grimes
Recorded at: Wire Road Studios, Houston, TX.
Monarch Studios, Katy, TX.
Music & Arts, Memphis, TN.
The Power Station, Pompano Beach, FL.
House of Breaking Glass, Seattle, WA.
Mixed by: Dale Penner
Mixed at: Paradise Alley Studios, Winnipeg, Canada.
Mastered by: Ken Love
Mastered at: Five Points Mastering, Nashville, TN.


The Mean Season

©2019 Written by Andrew Cole
Published by King Cole Music BMI

Verse One:

It’s getting hot in here and we’re upset.
People feeling the same way too
Let’s take a breath we’ll go outside
And face the heat gonna tell everyone that we meet


It’s the mean season
You better get ready
cause here it comes here it comes
It’s the mean season
You better get steady We need steady guns
Steady guns that’s just a pun

Verse Two:

Getting dead end looks on every street
I ask the good lord is our grief the feast
And way down here you’ll find a seat
In the mouth of the rat in the belly of the beast

(Repeat Chorus)

We all know what’s right from wrong we say it’s not our fault.
The problem as I see it is we don’t know true from false.
We all have a window let us look into our heart.
Can’t you see that all this greed is what keeps us part?

(Repeat Chorus)

What’s it say about the world today
When if you’re kind you’re considered a fool?
And without a doubt there gonna hollow us out
Humiliation is the new golden rule
So you can tell your kids they can all have dibs
On the world when they grow up
They say there’s nothing left there’s been an awful theft.

They fit it all in big damn truck.